General FAQs

Why did GWS go virtual?

Mass gathering recommendations and mandates made it clear that a traditional meeting format was not feasible and with companies restricting travel due to safety and budgetary concerns, GWS decided to produce virtual events for both 2020 and 2021.

Anchorage Statement: "With significant revenue declines in major seasonal Alaska tourism sectors, Anchorage is expecting budget shortfalls that would prohibit hosting Go West attendees to the level that they envisioned. Anchorage is eager to welcome Go West back we are able to offer evening events and Adventure Day activities comparable to what their registrants experienced in 2016." - Visit Anchorage

What does a virtual GWS look like?

Go West Summit has created an innovative alternative to our traditional meeting format that allows you to view specific appointment opportunities and request a meeting – no more waiting for a final appointment schedule! Registrants begin the process by blocking out the times they are unavailable for appointments. A staggered start to the appointment selection process allows buyers and journalists a full week to review and select appointments so suppliers and sponsors can simply confirm pending requests and then submit their own selections when they begin the process one week later. During the event, registrants will simply click a link in their appointment schedules to begin the meeting – no extra apps required! Click here to view the "Direct Scheduling" tutorial. 

Who will attend?

U.S. and Canada-based tourism suppliers representing CVB's, lodging properties, resorts, adventure outfitters, shopping facilities, attractions, and state departments of tourism are invited to register and take appointments with buyers responsible for bringing visitors to the American West. Qualified journalists specializing in the American West are also welcome to attend and meet with suppliers to generate articles in some of the world's leading international publications and digital media.

Do I have to participate in all five days of meetings?

You will have the ability to mark “unavailable” for any dates/times over the event before scheduling begins and the new system will allow registrants to reschedule both pending meeting requests and those requests already confirmed. Click here to view the "Direct Scheduling" tutorial. 

Will there still be an educational component to Go West Summit?

Four days of webinars begin the week before the appointment sessions. Make sure you're available the week of February 22 for education week! Find recorded webinars and presentations on our Education Week page

Will Go West Summit 2022 (Reno, Nevada) occur as scheduled?

Nothing replaces networking opportunities like a face-to-face, physical event and both Go West Summit and the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority are excited to return to a traditional Go West Summit February 14-17, 2022.

Appointment FAQs

Where will I find my meeting schedule?

Your meeting schedule will be available for you to view on your appointments dashboard. Once the sessions begin, log in and find “Appointments” in the member area drop down menu. Your meeting schedule is right at the top. 

How do I begin an appointment?

Log in and find “Appointments” in the member area drop down menu. Click your meeting schedule at the top of your landing page. Registrants are invited to start the meeting as early as five minutes before each appointment start time. If the other party does not connect in a reasonable amount of time, use the contact information included in the meeting schedule to send them a message or simply call them.  Click here to learn how to start the meeting and how you can expect the videoconference window to appear.

We are well into the appointment session and the other party isn’t connecting...HELP!

Use the contact information included in the meeting schedule to send them a message or simply call them.

Can I share my screen during my appointment?

Yes. Prepare a slide show or profile sheet that you can share and step through during your appointment session. If the host has disabled screen sharing on their end, you may ask the buyer or journalist to enable this feature in their settings. (Watch this quick video about screen sharing.) 

How do I cancel a meeting?

Select "Request Meetings with Companies" on your appointment dashboard, then click the Marketplace button of the appointment you would like to delete. Click the trash icon beside the appointment. You are welcome to enter text in the chat box describing your reason for canceling.

When is the last day I can modify my meeting schedule?

Appointment schedules can be modified until 5:00PM Friday (U.S. Pacific Time) on Monday, February 26, 2021. To modify meetings in a closed marketplace, use the contact information provided in the company details to send them an email requesting the cancelation or to suggest a meeting at a later date. 

When is the last day I can register or confirm my time zone for Go West Summit?

Necessary licensing requires that all GWS delegates register or activate their profile by confirming their time zone on or before Friday, February 5, 2021.

Do I need a microphone and webcam?

The appointment sessions are a video conference call between you and the other company. A webcam and microphone will be necessary so they can see and hear you but if you don't want to use video, you are welcome to conduct the meeting with just audio.

How many appointments can suppliers expect?

For the 2020 event, registrants saw an average of 24 appointments each, but the final number of appointments is directly proportional to how available you make yourself. Buyers from all over the world will be attending so suppliers are asked to be flexible when choosing the times they are available to meet.

I’m a secondary delegate. How do I find a schedule and start a meeting?

Secondary delegates can log in to find a copy of their primary delegates’ final appointment schedule (along with the links to join each call) on their appointments dashboard. Log in and select "Appointments" in the member area drop down menu. Secondaries are welcome to join the meeting even if the primary delegate is not present..

Can I create and share a custom background during my appointment sessions?

No. The Zoom technology that has been embedded in the Go West Summit website has been designed to limit technical problems by using only basic functions. Backrgounds and beauty filters require additional bandwidth that may slow your connection.

Does Go West Summit provide assistance with webcam, microphone, or other issues related to Zoom technology?

We'll do what we can to help but since Zoom technology has been embedded into our website, you should reach out to them directly for additional technical assistance or visit their How To Zoom YouTube channel.

Event Timeline

January 18 Registrants log in to review profile and confirm time zone.
January 25 - March 1 Buyers and Journalists invited to submit their appointment selections
February 1 - March 1 Suppliers and Sponsors invited to submit their appointment selections
February 22 - 26 Education Week – Four days of educational sessions. Join us for daily webinars designed to provide you with the latest data and get you the tools you need to produce results during the appointment sessions. Click here for more information.
February 26 This is your last day to register and make changes to your appointment schedules. Be sure to take action on all pending requests on or before today so we can finalize your meeting schedule and create the necessary Zoom meeting links.
March 1 - 5 Go West Summit Pre-scheduled Meetings