Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 2020 show cancelled?

No. Go West Summit worked with our partners to postpone the event to August 31-September 3. A detailed event schedule can be found here.

I’m registered, do I need to re-register for the new dates?

No. All active and approved registrations will be carried over so you can join us in Portland in August.

How do I modify my existing DoubleTree hotel reservations?

The DoubleTree is actively contacting registrants who confirmed their March stay, but you can call them directly at 503-281-6111 to cancel your existing reservations. Use the booking links posted on this page to submit reservations for the new dates.

Will the appointment request process re-open?

Yes. The appointment request process will open on July 21 and will close on August 11.

What happened to my appointment selections?

Your appointment requests are saved on our server but we recommend reviewing your saved data once the appointment process opens to select meetings with new registrants.

Am I still registered/approved for FAM trips?

No. FAM trip opportunities take advantage of available seasonal activities. The FAM trip system has been reset now that the new trips have been made public. Buyers and journalists are welcome to submit a request for participation until May 31st.

Am I still registered/approved for the Adventure Day trip?

No. The Adventure Day system has been reset now that the new trips have been posted.

Am I still registered/approved for the buyer site tour?

No. Buyers and journalists will be asked to RSVP to attend once the site tour itinerary is confirmed and made public.

Will Go West Summit 2021 (Anchorage, Alaska) occur as scheduled?

Yes. Go West Summit Alaska is scheduled for March 1-4, 2021 and our host destination is busy planning and is excited to welcome you!

Important 2020 Event Dates

January 27 Cancellations after this date do not qualify for refunds of any kind
July 21 Appointment selection begins
August 11 Deadline to modify profile. Changes to your online profile made after this date will not be reflected in the resource manual.
August 11 Appointment selection concludes. Registrations received after this date will attend with a BLANK appointment schedule.
August 18 Final appointment schedules posted online
August 31 – September 3, 2020 Go West Summit in Portland, Oregon

Updated 4/10/20