Frequently Asked Questions

Why did GWS go virtual?

Mass gathering recommendations and mandates made it clear that a traditional meeting format was not feasible and with companies restricting travel due to safety and budgetary concerns, GWS decided to produce virtual events for both 2020 and 2021.

Anchorage Statement: "With significant revenue declines in major seasonal Alaska tourism sectors, Anchorage is expecting budget shortfalls that would prohibit hosting Go West attendees to the level that they envisioned. Anchorage is eager to welcome Go West back we are able to offer evening events and Adventure Day activities comparable to what their registrants experienced in 2016." - Visit Anchorage

Portland and Oregon Statement: "Portland and Oregon were excited to host Go West Summit in 2020. Many partners around Portland and Oregon worked to implement the postponement to the summer dates to welcome delegates and showcase their destinations. Oregon’s current mass gathering guidelines does not allow Go West Summit to happen this year. Portland and Oregon are pleased that Go West Summit is going virtual and will continue to be the important industry market place, we all rely on for the future of our tourism industry." - Travel Portland and Travel Oregon

What does a virtual GWS look like?

Go West Summit has created an innovative alternative to our traditional meeting format that allows you to view specific appointment opportunities and request a meeting – no more waiting for a final appointment schedule! Registrants will be asked to block out the times they are unavailable for appointments between August 31 and September 4. A staggered start to the appointment selection process allows buyers and journalists a full week to review and select appointments so suppliers and sponsors can simply confirm pending requests and then submit their own selections when they begin the process one week later. During the event, registrants will simply click a link in their appointment schedules to begin the meeting – no extra apps required! 

Who will attend?

We are proud to say that we have been able to maintain 80% attendance, and since the announcement to go virtual was made, additional companies have registered and are ready to get back to business. In an effort to kick-start the hospitality industry, Go West Summit has invited some of the U.S.’s top domestic operators to provide additional contracting opportunities for suppliers.

Why the five day schedule?

With registrants spanning the entire globe, a five day schedule maximizes scheduling opportunities for all parties.

Do I have to participate in all five days of meetings?

You will have the ability to mark “unavailable” for any dates/times over the event before scheduling begins and the new system will allow registrants to reschedule both pending meeting requests and those requests already confirmed.

Can I get a discount on my registration since we’re going virtual?

We realize that a digital alternative will not replicate all of the networking opportunities of a face to face event so, everyone originally registered (before June 5, 2020) for the 2020 event will automatically be registered for the 2021 virtual event as well. The 2020 pricing already paid now covers both upcoming virtual events as the 2021 event will be presented to you at no cost. New suppliers are invited to register for either event at a discounted rate.

Will Go West Summit 2021 (Anchorage, Alaska) occur as scheduled?

No. With the risks outweighing the benefits of conducting a traditional Go West Summit, our Alaska partners are supporting our decision to produce a virtual event for 2021 as well. Anchorage is eager to welcome us back when they are able to offer evening events and Adventure Day activities comparable to what our registrants experienced in 2016.

Important 2020 Event Dates

July 13

“Going Virtual” tutorial released. Learn how to update your profile, select appointments, and how to prepare for virtual meetings.

July 20

Registrants log in to review profile and confirm time zone

July 27-August 30

Buyers and Journalists invited to submit their appointment selections

August 3-August 30

Suppliers and Sponsors invited to submit their appointment selections

August 31-September 4

Go West Summit pre-scheduled meetings

Updated 6/17/20