Salt Lake City / Utah
January 16-19, 2018


Whether it's your first time attending Go West Summit, or you're simply looking for tips to get the most out of the event, these resources will increase your chances of a successful summit. 

Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Click here to open a handy PDF that will help you navigate your way through all the industry-specific terms used at Go West Summit.

Preparing for Go West Summit

How-To-Summit Text Doc

Click here to open a PDF "How To Summit" text document to help you get the most business out of this event.

Preparation Checklist

Click here for a helpful checklist of what you will need to be prepared for the summit.

Appointment Selection 

How To Request Appointments

Click here to open a step-by-step PDF describing the appointment process. Our effective and easy-to-use, customizable appointment matching system (CAMSYS) combines your appointment selections along with the selections of companies that want to meet with you to create your appointment schedules. When you're ready, log in and look for the "Appointment Selection" link on the right side of your landing page to submit your requests.


Preparing for Appointments

Preparing for Appointments

Click here to open an informational PDF describing how to prepare for your appointments at Go West Summit, "Your Appointment Schedule is Finalized...Now What?".

  • See a sample profile sheet here.
  • See a sample DMO lead sheet here.
  • See a sample Supplier lead sheet here