Salt Lake City / Utah
January 16-19, 2018

About Us

ITM Staff
Mary Motsenbocker, President
Bob Rebello, Vice President
Cassidy Boone, Marketing Manager

Lexie Savic, Marketing Manager

Contact Information
International Tourism Marketing, Inc.
6420 S Quebec St
Englewood CO 80111
Tel: 303-850-7144

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International Tourism Marketing, Inc. was established in 1990 by President, Mary Motsenbocker. ITM provides professional marketing services throughout the Western United States including the American Rocky Mountain Region and the Southwest. ITM is an inbound, international tourism destination marketing organization representing various public and private sector tourism associations and companies. ITM is an international specialist developing tour operator/supplier relationships, airline cooperative marketing programs, airport route development marketing programs, public relations and media programs, familiarization tour planning and special events coordination. ITM is also a meeting planning company in industries outside of tourism.Go West Summit is a premier travel trade marketplace produced by International Tourism Marketing, Inc (ITM). Go West Summit is a marketplace that brings together the highest quality suppliers in the western states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.The Summit provides the international and U.S. based receptive tour operators a venue to meet with suppliers from the America West to generate tourism business into the Western United States. The Summit is regarded by participating tourism and travel professional as a premier conference, among the best of its type, as well as an efficient and economical mechanism for booking international business.

Additional Programs Sub-Contracted to ITM, Managed and/or Owned by ITM:

Go China Summit

Go West Summit's premier meeting place, unique focus, and effective format has expanded into China. The tradeshow that provides an intimate business setting structured to provide access to suppliers from the American West is now offering the same access to Chinese suppliers looking to lure international visitors. This summit is strictly China-inbound

Go Native Summit International Training Program

The training program is just the first step of a multi-part approach to prepare Native suppliers with the education and materials they need to thrive on the international tourism stage. The Native tourism product is highly sought after by international operators.

Step 2: Use the information and resources gathered at the training program to succeed at events like Go West Summit, Pow Wow, and NTA's Convention.

Step 3: Go Native Summit, planned for 2013, incorporates pre-scheduled appointments with buyers and is designed to introduce international tour operators with US-based, Native-owned suppliers.

Visit www.ITM.travel to learn more.